From the Founder


India has the largest population of HIV-AIDS affected in South Asia (23,18,737 people and 81,430 children living with it according to NACO - 2020). Large number of these children are abandoned every year. Mr. Lamech Gunasekaran became the light of such lives. His organization, CCT (Calvary Chapel Trust) is a home to 713 HIV-AIDS affected abandoned children and adults.

Mr. Gunasekaran’s journey of empathy and sensitization began when he spent 12 years in an orphanage. These years shaped him into a compassionate human being and someone who wanted make the unloved feel loved. The journey of helping thousands of destitute and orphaned children with HIV has very humble beginnings and it started in 1989 with five residents in Bangalore’s Koramangala slum. As Gunasekaran noticed increasing child deaths due to HIV in the slum, he set out on a mission to make CCT a home for HIV-AIDS affected children. CCT is affiliated to global bodies like NACO and UNICEF.

CCT provides shelter, nursing, counselling and education to these children, and develop them into capable citizens who lead a fulfilling and independent life despite their unfortunate medical condition.  CCT solicits public support and advocacy for the children with HIV who are neglected by their families upon their parents’ death. The children are groomed to run and raise a family. Government organizations like Women and Child Welfare Committee refer affected children to their 22 centres along 11 states.

Through CCT’s rigorous efforts and strong humanitarian values, many affected and abandoned HIV-patients are united with their families. Gunasekaran is the member of the Child Protection Unit, Bengaluru, Government of Karnataka and also was the member of the Child Protection Committee, Krishnagiri District, Government of Tamil Nadu as per Juvenile Justice Act 2015 (Care and Protection of Children) from 2013-2018. He is also the member of Sponsorship and Parentage Approval Committee in the city of Bengaluru.

90 children were trained through CCT and they are serving at CCT to help many others like them.

Gunasekaran, who has given new lives to thousands of children alike is a published author. His publications include Marga (2005), and Loving the Unloved (2018). His work and contribution to the society had been covered by both national and local media including Times of India, Vijay Karnataka, and the Indian Express to name a few.  In a nut shell, Mr. Gunasekaran is a father to thousands of abandoned infants or children affected with HIV / AIDS. Addressed as ‘Appa’ by them, he provides them education, nutrition, medical assistance and equip them as future leaders. He also arranges their marriages and takes care of their future. He is close to them at their death bed and performs Lamech Gunasekeran, Founder, Calvary Chapel Trust their final rituals. He touches individuals to transform the community and encourages others to do the same. Come join us to touch and transform.


Mr. L.Gunasekaran & Mrs. G.Victoria