Our Beginning

Calvary Chapel Trust is a registered Non-Government Organization which was founded in the year 1989 in a very humble manner serving just 5 children in Koramangala slum, Bangalore. Today it caters to more than 5000 children.

Our Mission

We at Calvary Chapel Trust are committed to serve orphaned, destitute and underprivileged children. We provide compassionate and holistic care to the marginalized in our society especially the children. We nurture, care, educate and train children to realize their potential to become contributing member of the society / nation.

Our Vision

Calvary Chapel envisions to being a nationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization providing care and support to the under-privileged, abandoned, sick, marginalized, destitute, orphans and the suffering people in our society so as to transform and provide meaning to every individual.

Calvary Chapel Trust is committed to child protection by keeping children safe from risk or perceived risk to their childhood. Calvary chapel Trust further recognizes that children are vulnerable; hence protection from harmful situation is our prime focus. Calvary Chapel Trust endeavours to provide that security net for appropriate care and protection. Every child is to be assured Child Rights.

The objects and activities of the Trust are:

  • a) To help weaker sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion, for their socio-economic upliftment by all legitimate and constitutional means.
  • b) To carry out programmes for Christian outreach education and extension in order to strengthen spiritual, ethical and moral values and promote fellowship.
  • c) To provide a Home for babies who are infected with HIV and referred by Child Welfare Committee, Government of India.
  • d) To provide food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for orphans, semi-orphans and destitute children.
  • e) To provide infrastructure conductive environment to rural children in coping with education.

Best Practice:

  1. Provide a "Home" for babies (born with HIV) / infants (Born with HIV) who are infected with HIV and referred by CWC, Government.
  2. Provide food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for more than 1,750 children.
  3. Provide infrastructure conducive environment to rural children in coping with education.
  4. Provide assistance to sickly in remote villages to avail medical services from nearby Government Hospitals.
  5. Settling full orphans in life; including career and marriage.
  6. Take care of the final rites of deceased HIV children.

Major activities / Achievements:

  1. Giving new hope to HIV infected children (Born with HIV) catered to 500 HIV children
  2. Giving life direction to orphans, semi-orphans and destitute children (More than 1,750 children)
  3. Rehabilitating physically challenged (100 families)
  4. Counselling HIV infected in villages (50 villages)
  5. Provide Nut ration support to infants/ HIV families (through 20 HIV+ network)
  6. Leprosy care in Lepers' Community
  7. Conducting free medical camps / free eye camps (1000 every year)

Background of Calvary Chapel India