HOME OF HOPE FOR Special Children

Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu

History Of the Home

Home of Hope for Special Children, Prayer Garden, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore is located in the out-skirts of Bangalore on Bangalore Kanakapura National Highway. It is about 15 kilometers from the heart of Bangalore city.

This Home is located at the picturesque hill top and called the ‘Prayer Garden’. The entire campus is about 3 acres. This Home is also fondly known as ‘Prayer Garden Home for Special children’. This Home is functioning from 2006.

The nearest railway junction is at Bangalore City Junction. Shortly, the location can be reached by metro rail.

As on date, the Home has a total strength of 49 children out of which 8 are normal children and 41 are special children. This Home has a trained manager and 13 child care personnel. (both direct and indirect).

This Home has children from entire Karnataka State specially from districts of North Karnataka and slums of Bangalore.